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Welcome to the Secret Algarve Blog – Your Kayak experience in the Algarve

a man riding on top of a rock

Have you ever tried kayaking? It’s our passion and more than this. By kayak you can explore the real secrets of the Algarve. The beauty of the ocean is amazing impressive. Millions of years old caves like in Benagil are hidden places that can just be explored by kayak or Stand Up Paddle (SUP). Push the button and see our offers.

Go on an adventure in the Algarve

This trip will stay in your memory! More than just an excursion is waiting for you. We offer you the possibility of different tours. Our early bird tour is the black pearl for sure. We start in the morning and show you the amazing view in the caves and the ocean while the sunrise. It’s an experience that one of our gusts already used for the marriage proposal. You can imagine how romantic this trip will be.

Book now and soon you will see the beauty of the Algarve in real.

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