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Algarve Kayak – Portuguese paradise

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Have you ever tried kayaking in the beautiful Algarve?

An experience that lasts forever – Secret Algarve kayaking

The beautiful region Algarve in the south of Portugal is a real kayaking paradise. Why? Surrounded by the power of the ocean and the patience of the mountains is this area unique. Th Algarve is near to the Spanish border and the region Andalusia that is also famous for amazing landscapes and natural sport trips. We, the Secret Algarve team, love kayaking. It’s our passion. Therefore, we go on amazing trips with little groups and show you the secrets of south Portugal. On the following pictures you can see the geopraphic location of the region. 

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Our trips along the coastline by kayak

We begin our trips directly at the beach. It’s also possible to pick you up at your hotel. You can choose between different trips for the Algarve kayaking. Our black pearl is the early bird tour with the sunrise. We are a flexible kayak tour group. At the meeting point we will instruct you the main points regarding the kayaking activities. Our tour guides talk to you in English. This is the way how we work to avoid any misunderstandings during th Algarve top tours. By kayaking you can discover so many beautiful things that are hidden secrets normally. Our tour along the coastline of the Algarve and along the caves like Benagil is a full-service package. That includes that we provide you the whole kayak equipment. You don’t have to worry about anything.

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Algarve Kayak or Stand Up Paddle (SUP)?

Surprise, suprise…we can also offer you the possibility to discover the beautiful Algarve by Stand Up Paddle. It’s a new trend in some countries now but for us it’s more than this. I talk about amazing possibilities to enjoy the whole fascination of the Algarve. By kayaking of Stand Up Paddle you will feel freedom like in a new dimension. The ways along the coast and at the caves are very impressive. It’s not a hazard that insiders call the Algarve new California. The caves are millions of years old and part of different transformations. Kayaking is one of the best ways to take of deep breath and jump into history. These activities are made for everybody who loves sport and nature. 

Be part of or nature & kayak tour

We take care of the nature and respect the ocean. During our daily job it’s important for us to keep the beach clean. Therefore, we use old drink cans to collect rubbish like cigarettes at the beach. Our team is very happy about everybody who wants to be part of the clean the beach project. During the kayak trips we also take care of the nature and respect the history of the caves. This amazing rock formation is more than just part of our business. Being in front of the rocks or in the caves is one of the most exciting experiences a lot of our guests ever had in their life. One day it became part of the marriage proposal during a Algarve kayak trip. That was even for us a big surprise.

Join us & discover the beauty of the Algarve

A tour by kayak through the ocean and the caves of the Algarve like Benagil will stay in your memory. Our guides explain everything to you in English before we go on our way along the coastline. You will see the best views and secrets of the area. This feeling of freedom is amazing impressive. The praias of the beautiful Algarve are one of the Portugal first class spots. After our tour we can recommend a good restaurant to have a barbecue and a good glass of Portuguese wine. Read our reviews and book your Algarve kayak trip.   

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